Canao by Gatub Crafts Philippines

Dragon's Den Vapor Is Proud To Present The Canao by Gatub Crafts Philippines. This Is A Well Built, Beutiful Hand Carved Work Of Art. A Must Have For Any Collector 

Height: 86mm 



Dual Parallel 18650

Negative Copper Rod 

All Solid Copper Internals

Positive Contact Screw Self Adjusting (510

*Conventional Milling*

-Positive Copper Internals

*Conventional Lathe*

-Copper Negative Rod

-Brass Negative Rod

-Negative Brass Battery Cover


-Wood Shape (Before Carving)

-Top & Bottom Brass

-510 Positive Screw

-Delrin Positive Insulator


Canao by Gatub Crafts Philippines
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