Chi You Megan 318 26650 By Style Of Mojo (**ON SALE**)

AUTHENTIC Korean made Chiyou Megan 318 26650 mod by Style of Mojo.

This is an absolutely exquisite piece of work! Polished stainless steel with polished brass end caps set this device off very nicely.

The Megan 318 features a spring loaded self adjusting center pin in the top caps. The brass battery contact is adjustable with a few simple turns.

The Chiyou Megan is a 26650 mod that comes with two styles of top caps.

One is a flat top cap with air slots and the other is a slant cut and 5mm recessed cap that will accommodate most any 22mm style atomizer to give you a nice sleek look.

The bottom recessed switch is nice and large for ease of use. A counter clockwise lock ring prevents the device from firing in pockets or purses.

The tube is engraved with the Style of Mojo logos and a unique serial number. The button has Style of Mojo and the logo engraved.

This device uses a single 26650 battery cell and we recommend either the Sony or MNKE cells.Made in Korea -

Chi You Megan 318 26650 By Style Of Mojo (**ON SALE**)
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  • Manufacturer: Style Of Mojo
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