SQNK Beater Stab Wood by Proteus Progeks Philippines

Dragons Den Is Proud To Present The SQNK Beater Box Stab Wood Door Edition By Proteus Progeks Philippines. Double Silver Plated Copper Contacts & Pure Derlin Body With Stab Wood Door.

*Please Note Each Stab Wood Will Be Different And The Photos Are Only An Example Of What The Actual Colors Will Look Like. 

 ** This is a PRE-Order Item...meaning it is still in the manufacturing process and upon arrival, it will ship out immediately.

 *** UPDATE: Our last conversation with the manufacturer left off that they are due to ship this week or early next. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. Please check back for updates, if nothing changes here please feel free to message us through our Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/DragonsDenVapor/

SQNK Beater Stab Wood by Proteus Progeks Philippines
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