Ignis Stabwood Mod by 822 Philippines (2)

The Ignis Stabwood Mod, A work of art masterfully crafted by 822 Philippines. This is not your typical boxed tube mod. Solid copper internals ensures superb power delivery, solid machining in a truly awe inspiring unique stabilized wood pattern. Each mod has its own personality, truly unique color and pattern.

Ignis Stabwood Mod


•18650 single batt
•Hybrid Connection
•High Quality Stabwood Body
•Solid Copper Internals (contact, firing pin, batt cap)
•Silver plated Copper spring
•Front Firing Stabwood
•Brass tube is interchangable and for aesthetic only no negative contact
•Handy and Light weight
•Stabwood Beauty Ring 24m
•No misfire
•Low voltage drop

Ignis Stabwood Mod by 822 Philippines (2)
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